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Adventures in Dress Shopping

While shopping for a dress to wear to a friend's daughter's wedding I noticed something had keenly changed in the dressing room experience. 
Back in the day when I was younger and thinner and less, shall we say, lumpy, the ladies dressing room in the department store was a lonely place.  The other gals in their respective booths stayed behind their own curtains, they struggled with zippers and buttons alone in their quest.  We did not speak or offer opinions or even give eye contact when we passed each other on the way in and out of the dressing room.


   One of the synonyms for the wordboomerangisrebound. Being a member of the largest generation on the planet, the Baby Boomers, I've decided to call this series of articlesBoomerang. One day this feisty group to which I belong was known as the free love generation, the ones that asked if you were "going to San Francisco", those that reminded each other to "wear a flower in your hair." We stood for change, independence, freedom, non-conformity.  We walked to  the beat of our own drummer, one named Ringo.

The Next Big Thing

I am delighted to be apart ofThe Next Big Thing Blog Hoporiginated by middle grade writerLeslie Zampettiand tagged to me via her participant and my critique partner extraordinaire,Stacey Wilke, another middle grade writer.  Please take a moment to read about my exciting latest project. 
The Next Big Thing is a blog tour showcasing authors and their work. Each author must answer the ten questions below and then “tag” other authors they think are the next big thing!What fun! Who doesn’t love a good game of tag?

About The Tag Line

   Today I thought I'd say a little something about my tag line...."Romantic Comedies With Heart." 
   To me, comedy without heart is merely corrosive.  Comedy has to have a core in vulnerability, just like love.  We laugh at situations that we can either identify with or imagine experiencing. 
    We laugh at the unexpected because it hits us when we aren't looking. Think about how sometimes you can't help but laugh at the slapstick antics of that circus clown getting a pie in his face.

What's on the Horizon

Hi Everyone,
I apologize for the delay in posting.  There were a couple of big glitches in my schedule, but I'm back and here's what's happening:
My next book,Letters and Lace,the first installment of my new series,Postmark: Ronan's Harbor Series,will release in 2013.  It takes place in a small seaside village, Ronan's Harbor, and the story revolves around an innkeeper, Sarah Grayson and her her prized "Cornelia Inn."  She's in the midst of planning her daughter's wedding at the inn, but when a complaint is filed against her inn's renovations, it stymies the process.

Victoria at Sea

.Hi Everyone,
I'm trying something new and I thought I'd get your feedback.  As you know, I write romantic comedies.  I'm a hopeless romantic at heart. 
But, I was also born under the sign of Scorpio.  Any of you fellow scorpians out there know we tend to like the mysterious, the unexplained, the spiritual world, tarot, seances, ghosts, and all that's spooky.
So, I had this dream that won't leave me alone and thought I'd make it into a story.