M. Kate Quinn - Contests & Other Fun Stuff
Book Clubs:  This contest's for you!
Is "Moonlight and Violet" on your club's reading list?  You and your club members can win a dinner and discussion with M. Kate Quinn.  Entering is easy:
Take a picture of you and your group holding your copies of "Moonlight and Violet" at your meeting and the winner will be drawn on July 4, 2011.  I chose Independence Day because Violet's journey leads her to her own independence.
Pasta Party with lots of wine can be your group's prize.
Let's break bread!  Good luck to all of you! 
Thank you to all who played along in the contest about the heroines' names in my "Perennials" series.  Congratulations to Angela, the winner of the autographed copy!
Word of the Day: 
sisterly relationships
Best Phrase I Heard all Day:  "God gives us seeds of potential and it is up to us if they grow into flowers."