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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

    With my new book,Restless Spiritdue to release soon, I've been thinking about ghosts. As a true Scorpio, I've had a life-long fascination.  Do you  believe?  Have you ever had an unearthly visitor? 
     Back when I was a kid, my cousin, Donna, and I spent many a time with a Ouija Board planted between us with our pre-teen fingers pressed onto the triangular device that was supposed to move by some spooky energy to reveal cryptic messages.

No Price Tag

      With my fifth book in the hands of my publisher as we speak, I've learned many things along this writer's path and one of the most important is that being an author is never about the money. 
        A book is diligence and creativity and business all wrapped up in a neat 300-page package.  But, most of all, writing a novel is about connection.  My greatest hope is to touch others, evoke something in my readers, make them laugh and make them think, hope, reminisce, dream.

Boomer Humor

Boomer Humor
            A Free Donut

There's a card in my wallet with my name on it.  It sits among my credit cards and my Wegman's courtesy card as well as my Barnes & Noble membership. Yet, this little red-as-a-STOP-sign rectangle of plastic bears four mocking letters: AARP.

When I first received it, questions zoomed around in my head. Is this just another example of this Boomer's steady saunter away from the girl I used to be?

Gem #2 - Tea

About a year ago I started making myself a nightly cup of tea. Well after dinner when it's time to settle on the sofa with my husband and watch a favorite show or two, I don my pj's and put the kettle on
The second gem in my "Sixty for Sixty" plan of incorporating sixty things into my daily life to honor this crazy ago of 60, is, simply, to embrace the ritual of making that daily cup of tea.
Tea is ancient,.  Buddhism, a religion based on the beliefs and practices of Buddha,  "the awakened one," embraces tea drinking as a ritualistic practice.

Sixty for Sixty

I've dreaded turning sixty.Yet, just two days in at this new number  I've thought, wait a minute.  I'm asexagenarianand that's quite a group to be among. And when your title begins with "sex" I've decided you don't mourn lost youth, you don't drown yourself in expensive creams and lotions until you look like you're coated in Miracle Whip, and you don't run out and get a tattoo. No.  When you turn sixty, you make it count.

Memoir: An Older Man

     This Friday I will be attending a meeting here in my neighborhood where a group of ladies will gather to share their quest to write their memoirs.  I've been invited to speak on the topic of writing and perhaps motivate the group toward their memoir goals.
     I've decided to bring a list of writing prompts, words and ideas that can spark putting pen to paper.  Trust me, I've had to do this for myself from time to time.  I've sat at many a blank screen watching that pulsing cursor all but laughing at me while I conjure nothing.

DVR - The New Frontier

    My husband and I record our favorite television shows using the DVR feature from our cable hookup.  It happens to be a great way to keep current with your favorite programs, as well as allowing you to watch one while recording another.  A bonus, of course, is the fact that you can zip past commercials.  You can view an hour prime time program in about forty minutes, a half-hour show in seventeen.  Handy, yes?  Here's the new issue at our house:

My Big Fat Scooter Outing

     On our recent trip to Lancaster, PA, with great friends the six of us made a plan to take a thirty-mile motorbike tour of covered bridges.  Fun, right?  Well, the three of us women started chickening out at the last minute. 
       It started when we saw the scooters.  I don't know what images the other ladies had in their heads about what this scooter would look like, but I can tell you my image was made by Mattel.

Sandwich on a Spnning Plate

That's what they call us, you know,The Sandwich Generation.  We care for our kids and we care for our parents. Sometimes it means caring for a sister or a friend, as well.  Right now my sandwich is a triple-decker and I realize it's what's on the menu for me at this stage of my life.
There's a bunch of stuff going on in my family's world right now and we're all a bit off our axis. I've been feeling like the guy on Ed Sullivan with the plates on sticks.

Adventures in Dress Shopping

While shopping for a dress to wear to a friend's daughter's wedding I noticed something had keenly changed in the dressing room experience. 
Back in the day when I was younger and thinner and less, shall we say, lumpy, the ladies dressing room in the department store was a lonely place.  The other gals in their respective booths stayed behind their own curtains, they struggled with zippers and buttons alone in their quest.  We did not speak or offer opinions or even give eye contact when we passed each other on the way in and out of the dressing room.