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Have you ever wondered whether love is destiny or chance?  What if it's both?  What if it's the universe at work linking one hungry heart to another? That's what you'll find in my romance novels.  I aspire to give you romance entwined with the comedy of life, the complexity of circumstance, the importance of family and friends, and the hope of what is meant to be....

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                                                                      M. Kate Quinn         

The Ronan's Harbor Series  
Book II - Release Date: June 30, 2015 !

                                        Restless Spirit   

Strange things are happening at Aubrey Donner's cottage in Ronan's Harbor, NJ. Noises in the night, crashing antiques and an eerie presence all add up to only one thing: her cottage is haunted.   Her new job hosting a pet-related program on local television finds her battling to hide her lifelong fear of dogs from local no-nonsense K-9 officer Asa Kavanaugh and his four-footed, pony-sized partner, Scout.   Aubrey can't wait to be done with the duo until she realizes she can use Asa and Scout's help to wrangle her phantom. While chasing shadows, yearnings of two wounded hearts collide, banishing old fears and unveiling the possibility that true love may really exist after all.  

     Book I - Letters and Lace
Where the heart's journey requires love as its compass. 
                                     Available through www.thewildrosepress.com

Summer Iris
Finalist - Best First Book - Golden Quill Awards

Moonlight and Violet - Winner - Best Long Contemporary Romance - Golden Leaf Award

Brookside Daisy - Finalist - Best Contemporary Romance - Golden Leaf Award