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Have you ever wondered whether love is destiny or chance?  What if it's both?  What if it's the universe at work linking one hungry heart to another? That's what you'll find in my romance novels.  I aspire to give you romance entwined with the comedy of life, the complexity of circumstance, the importance of family and friends, and the hope of what is meant to be....

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New Release - August 3, 2016
       from Soul Mate Publishing

Victoria at Sea
Book 1 - Destiny's Detour Series

Why has no place in what the heart knows for sure.

     On the eve of their wedding Victoria Gliden and fiancé Owen Walker call it quits. He accuses her of not being able to get over her deadbeat father’s vanishing act when she was a child and she and her cold feet run and don’t look back.

     An interior designer, Victoria, has an important meeting on Cancun that could garner her a promotion and the plan was to incorporate her presentation with the honeymoon cruise that’s journeying to the island. Since she’s sure Owen is on his way to Portland to escape the aftermath of their ruined wedding, Victoria takes the honeymoon cruise anyway. Only Owen has the same idea and they’re stuck with each other for six days, five nights.

     Tony Gliden, Victoria’s father, dies in a freak accident and is sent back to earth disguised as a crotchety old man with the mission to convince his daughter to believe in love. So, he, too boards the ship.

     At sea, destiny takes a detour when Victoria befriends the quirky old man with kind eyes and together they join forces with a quartet of unabashed women in their fifties who drink pink martinis and flirt with the wait staff but are wiser than they look. While trying to dodge Owen, Victoria’s new acquaintances help her face old wounds and confront new fears.

     Most of all, Victoria and Owen both realize it all boils down to one word—why?
     By journey’s end will two broken hearts get their answer?   

The Ronan's Harbor Series  
Book II - Restless Spirit   
Strange things are happening at Aubrey Donner's cottage in Ronan's Harbor, NJ. Noises in the night, crashing antiques and an eerie presence all add up to only one thing: her cottage is haunted.   Her new job hosting a pet-related program on local television finds her battling to hide her lifelong fear of dogs from local no-nonsense K-9 officer Asa Kavanaugh and his four-footed, pony-sized partner, Scout.   Aubrey can't wait to be done with the duo until she realizes she can use Asa and Scout's help to wrangle her phantom. While chasing shadows, yearnings of two wounded hearts collide, banishing old fears and unveiling the possibility that true love may really exist after all.  

     Book I - Letters and Lace
Where the heart's journey requires love as its compass. 
                                     Available through www.thewildrosepress.com

Summer Iris
Finalist - Best First Book - Golden Quill Awards

Moonlight and Violet - Winner - Best Long Contemporary Romance - Golden Leaf Award

Brookside Daisy - Finalist - Best Contemporary Romance - Golden Leaf Award